TN Incumbent Scorecards

Every election year, Family Action of Tennessee and its sister educational organization, The Family Action Council of Tennessee, are contacted by citizens who want to know how their state and federal legislators have voted on a variety of conservative and pro-family issues. They have come to realize that candidates sometimes say one thing at election time and then, once elected, vote another way.

2018 Tennessee Legislative Voter Guides

Read the stances our state legislative House and Senate candidates have on the issues at our Voter Education Headquarters at before you go to the polls.

2018 Gubernatorial Videos

Watch videos on our sister website,, to learn what the candidates for Tennessee’s Governor think about issues concerning civil government, marriage, family, the separation of powers, and religious liberty!

2018 General Election Results

See who won in your district for state House and state Senate as well as for Governor and other races!

Voter Registration in Tennessee

Your vote is your voice in government, so make your voice heard!

You can protect your family by electing candidates who stand for traditional family values. But you can’t vote until you register to vote in Tennessee. Here is the process for online Voter Registration in Tennessee.

Find Your House or Senate District

If you don’t know what your Tennessee House and/or Tennessee Senate districts are, find it here.

Key Voter Dates

Find out key election dates for Tennessee in 2018.