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Family Action of Tennessee is dedicated to preserving and strengthening Tennessee’s families and marriages, esteeming life as a gift from God, and protecting religious liberty through Tennessee’s public policies. Family Action works alongside its educational arm, The Family Action Council of Tennessee, to help citizens understand the critical importance of these policy areas to our common good.

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Find out who won the November 8, 2016 Tennessee General Election House and Senate races. Plus, read the most recent incumbent scorecards to see how your legislators voted.


Every legislative session, from mid-January through April or May, Family Action of Tennessee is busy lobbying for legislation that preserves and defends marriage, family, life, and religious liberty for Tennesseans. The 2017 legislative session adjourned on May 10. The Tennessee General Assembly will reconvene on January 9, 2018.


Concerned about the future of the family in Tennessee and the growing negative impact of public policies on the family, in 2006 a group of Tennesseans came together to form the legislative arm of The Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT).