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Advocating for Family,
Life, and Religious Liberty

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Family Action of Tennessee

Family Action of TennesseeFamily Action of Tennessee is dedicated to preserving and strengthening Tennessee’s families and marriages, esteeming life as a gift from God, and protecting religious liberty through Tennessee’s public policies. Family Action works alongside its educational arm, The Family Action Council of Tennessee, to help citizens understand the critical importance of these policy areas to our common good.

Why We Focus on the Family

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Our focus is on the family because we believe marriage and family are the portal through which all future generations must pass. A strong, vibrant, and healthy future for our citizens is grounded in the strength, vitality, and health of today's marriages and families. Those two institutions are the cornerstone of any nation, state or community. As they go, so go those communities of people. As to our other core values, life is our first and foremost right and the second, religious liberty, is fundamental to preserving all other liberties. We hope that you will find Family Action to be a resource for your family and your community.

Our Team

Family Action is governed by a board of directors from across the state of Tennessee. David Fowler, a three-term Tennessee state Senator and Allied Attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, serves as President and is joined every day by a team of dedicated professionals.

Why Two Organizations?

Why two organizations? The IRS limits what tax-exempt educational groups like Family Action Council of Tennessee can say about legislation and candidates. However, advocacy groups like Family Action can speak more freely, though at a financial disadvantage of its financial partners not being able to deduct their contributions for state or federal income tax purposes. So both team up to educate and inspire Tennesseans to greater involvement in the issues that support the well-being of our state.



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